Catching up with Beeline Bikes

Back in March of this year, I authored an article about an up-and-coming twist to the bicycle maintenance world. Beeline Bikes had entered the new scene that is the mobile bicycle shop: a concept that brings the mechanic, shop and parts to you. I demoed the service on two of my mountain bikes, and had a great experience. Now in July, nearly four months and over 30 hours in the saddle later, I noticed that my rear brakes were kind of “mushy” on my last descent down Heil Ranch, so I hit up the Beeline Bikes online scheduler to book an appointment. This was Monday, and I was able to make a reservation for Friday at 8am which worked perfectly with my schedule.

Beeline Bikes: On Time and No Nonsense

AJ Kruesel, GM, Co-Owner, and proven master mechanic of Beeline Bikes, covers the Front Range territory from Golden to Ft. Collins. As per my last experience, he arrived right on time, smiling, and ready to work. I elaborated on the issues I was having with my rear brakes, handed the bike off, and headed back inside to my home office from where I work. Within about 45 minutes, AJ was finished repairing my brakes. He bled the lines and replaced the dirty worn out fluid with some fresh new hydraulic oil. All four brake pads and both rotors were resurfaced. I will need a new rear rotor next time around, I was informed. Good to know. He had also saved the old brake fluid to show me how wasted it was. He was thorough, polite, and friendly, just like last time. I received a 25% discount as part of Beeline Bikes summer promotions, bringing the cost even further down than it already was. I could not be more satisfied with my experience.

The guys at Beeline Bikes are fair, honest, and competent. They’re also busy, as AJ himself is working seven days a week, twelve hours a day in order to keep up with the demand. And the success is well deserved. It’s not often any more, in fact quite rare, to find businesses and services that are reliable and at a high standard, and Beeline Bikes is all of the above.


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