Backcountry Booty is Elevation Outdoors’ newest contest, and gives you the chance to win sweet prizes all while exploring local trails and parks in Boulder. If you’re looking to score some amazing new gear, then lace up your hiking boots and grab your binoculars to start hunting.

Here’s the rundown:

  1. We hide a Booty Voucher that’s good for free swag somewhere in the Boulder area.
  2. We tell you the general area of the Booty and give you clues on our Facebook page and website.
  3. You like our Facebook page to make sure you know when all the new clues are released and check back to the contest page to review all the current clues.
  4. You go treasure hunting! Be sure to keep from trampling native plants and disturbing the wildlife. We also encourage all participants to bring a trash bag when hunting to pick up litter.
  5. Winners will post a photo of them and the booty on our Facebook page to confirm they’ve found the treasure. After you’ve found the booty, we’ll give you instructions on where to pick up your prize.

The first Backcountry Booty contest is set to go live on August 15, so be sure to check back for the first clue!


Big thanks for our friends at Out There Monthly who started Backcountry Booty and host the search monthly in their home town of Spokane, WA.