This Booty has been found! Congratulations to the winner.

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If you want to win some free swag from our sponsor Big Agnes, here’s what you need to do:

  1. We hid a Booty Voucher somewhere in the Boulder area that’s good for free swag.
  2. Below you’ll find the first clue to the general area of the Booty. All clues will be listed on our Facebook page and website.
  3. Be sure to like our Facebook page to get the first scoop on when new clues are released and check back on the contest page on our website to review all of the current clues.
  4. Go treasure hunting! Be sure to be respectful of the land and animals while you hunt. We also encourage all participants to bring a trash bag when hunting to pick up litter.
  5. If you’re the first to find the Booty Voucher, post a selfie with the winning voucher on our Facebook page and we’ll contact you with instructions on how to claim your prize.


This time you’ll be hunting for an AirCore sleeping pad, Big Agnes Hat, Big Agnes T-shirt, Koozie, and stickers.

Clue #1:  The photo below is your starting point to find the first Backcountry Booty! It isn’t the mane trailhead used to summit Mount Sanitas, but it’ll get you there. Once you depart from the trailhead, take a right at the first fork in the trail and begin your treasure hunt. Remember, you don’t need to go wandering off the trail to find this Booty.


This is what you’re looking for:


Remember, once you find the treasure post a selfie with the winning voucher on our Facebook page and we’ll contact you with instructions on how to claim your prize!

Happy treasure hunting!