Paul Tolme

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Farewell, Cryosphere

The latest major climate report claims that the future of skiing and snowboarding is...

The End of Forests

Climate change is killing Colorado’s forests, and research shows the tree die-off will intensify in coming decades due to ever larger mega-fires fueled by rising temperatures.

Fight Back

There is no time for anxiety and angst. Our public lands and climate need your help now more than ever. In this outdoor resistance decoder, we run down the biggest threats to public lands and the environment posed by the new Presidential administration and Congress—and tell you exactly what you can do to try to stop them.

A new documentary starring Jeremy Jones, Conrad Anker and...

"Momenta" is one of this year’s must-watch environmental documentaries for people concerned about climate change and the future of snow.

Spinning the Political Wheels

Bike commuting is on the rise in the United States and Colorado, thanks in part to increased federal funding that is building an infrastructure of new trails and bike lanes. But budget cutting fervor in Washington could slam on the brakes.

Keeping Up with Jeremy Jones

Last year, the legendary rider’s film “Deeper” broke the mold of snowboard porn by ditching helicopters in favor of climbing ropes, splitboards and crampons. Jeremy Jones’ new movie, “Further” promises to push the boundaries of snowboard mountaineering to even greater heights.