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African Vibrations, Yeah

5Point Filmmaker Tyler Bradt talks about the challenges and high points of filming a paddling movie that includes record-high water on the Zambezi

Festival Calendar

Whether you’re into music, sport, food, film or culture, our guide to this season’s best festivals is your roadmap to summer and fall fun. Plus, we recommend the best eats and rides, climbs and other outdoor activities in close proximity to the hubbub. Mark your calendar, pack the Subaru, and don’t forget the hula-hoop.

To Gym or Not to Gym?

Two outdoor enthusiasts debate the merits of exercising indoors.

Stashes & Steals

As a native, you really only need to know two things when it comes to your local resorts: How do I get there on the cheap? And where are the best lines and powder stashes? In an attempt to answer those questions, we present Elevation Outdoors’ guide to the best deals and terrain at winter resorts across Colorado.

Dog Tales

Thank you for adding a new high-quality outdoor adventure magazine about Colorado. As a...