Doug Schnitzspahn

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The Guide Line

The American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) is attempting to make sure people who go out climbing, mountaineering and skiing with guides get what they pay for.

Keep Your Land

One of the most beautiful things about our public lands is that they are a place where democracy works.

Great Unknowns

In May, I had the chance to explore a place no human had ever set foot in—a side slot canyon deep in the wilderness of Grand Canyon National Park.

Covet This Stuff

It’s time to hand out some Elevation Outdoors’ Editor’s Choice hardware for the best stuff we put to the test out in the field.

Foot Fetish

These new kicks will get you moving no matter what surface turns you on.

More Than The Hula Hoop

With long days in the summer sun (and rains) and camping a required part of the package, festivals are a serious outdoor endeavor. Here’s the gear to get you through.