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Fourteen 14ers – Delayed Start to 4APR10

Spring is definitely in Moab – all the license plates have turned green… It’s also spring in the Sawatche Range – bringing volatile weather patterns, lots of snow and longer days. The CAIC (Colorado Avalanche Information Center) Website has some standardized reporting features. The easiest visual is the pie shaped Avalanche Danger Scale (AKA Wheel of Death). [...]

Fourteen 14ers – The Crew

It looks like we will be skiing with a crew of 4 this year. Fritz, Zack, James and myself. James and I go back to Montana – before Hyalite was the ice mecca it is today. Zack and Fritz are frends and co-workers of James. I’m not certain about Zack but the rest of us [...]

Fourteen 14ers – What Gear and Why?

This blog is an open format on finalizing our gear.  We know National Geographic MAPS software estimates 130 miles, 40k’ of climbing and 41K’ of descent, and we will cross fourteeen Colorado 14,000′ peaks. It also looks like Zach has 2 weeks off, and we may have 3-4 options for caches, and I really can’t ski (with [...]

Fourteen 14ers – Food Rations

At the end of March we’ll start a ski traverse across fourteen of Colorado’s ’14er’ peaks. Our team of four will ski from Monarch Pass to Turquoise Lake. Using National Geographic TOPO mapping software, the stats look like 130 miles, 40,000′ of vertical climbing, and the option for 3 ration caches.  I’ve stacked the deck with [...]