Brendan Leonard

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The Road: When it Was New

What happens when you settle into a life? Can you rekindle the joy of first being free (and beautifully clueless) on the open road?

Chocolate Spokes

At this little shop in Denver, a bike—and a business—become a work of art.

The Hollywood of Rock: An Ode to the Joys...

I learned to climb in Colorado, on the Front Range, where we have 10,000 climbing routes within a two hours’ drive of the center of a city of three million people—sport, trad, bouldering, alpine, ice—and I’ll argue with anyone who thinks their city has better climbing access (operative word being “city”).

Grand Canyon River Novice Gets in Over His Head

Being a passenger on a Grand Canyon whitewater trip is basically getting on a carnival ride with an unknown outcome and no guarantee of safety.

The American Way: Touring the U.S. by Bike

Photo: Courtesy Brendan Leonard Somewhere around mile 2,500, I glanced over into someone’s rural Louisiana...

The Ultimate Road Trip

A.K.A. living the American dream by living out of your car.