Wyoming’s Wind River Country is authentic cowboy life and dude ranches. It’s home to some of the most remarkable wildlife viewing in the Rocky Mountains as well as whimsical giant jackalopes. It’s home to the history and modern culture of Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Native American tribes, as well as millions of acres of public lands for endless outdoor recreation.Wind River Country will experience 100% totality of Great American Eclipse on Aug. 21. You’ll find an assortment of events, packages, and lodging at windrivereclipse.org that are along the lines of what you might expect: Native American dancing and reenactments, mountain man camping, backcountry trail rides, and races in Sinks Canyon. But there’s more. Here are some of Wind River Country’s more unique viewing locations and experiences for the adventurous:

First contact: Breccia Peak This is the first landmark in Wyoming’s Wind River Country that the moon’s shadow will touch, situated in the Bridger Teton National Forest. Escape the crowds of Jackson and Grand Teton National Park by traveling east over the Continental Divide and scenic Togwotee Pass. For experienced hikers and off-trail navigators, this dramatic face of Togwotee offers an unrivaled chance to stand at the edge of our world and watch it go dark.

Perched above Trail Lake, this is one of the nicest petroglyphs I know for setting up a star track in the frame.


From the saddle on a horse. For a twist on a sunset picnic, head into the Wind River Mountains on horseback. Two and a half hours later, you and your small group will be treated to a mountain-top picnic, complete with champagne. Learn more about high country eclipse rides.

Four Horsemen

From the saddle on a jackalope. Pair your celestial experience with a mythical creature in the heart of Dubois, Wyoming. Home to two huge, saddled, photo-op state caricatures, the Dubois Exxon Country Store will be near the center line of totality, affording you a completely absurd viewing experience—if the line of kids waiting to snap a selfie atop the giant jackalope don’t push you off to take their own turn.

Walk like a mountain man. The 1838 Mountain Man Rendezvous site in Riverton was once where legendary mountain men converged after a long year of surviving and trapping in the mountains to trade for supplies and socialize. Camp and stand in the footprints of the likes of Kit Carson and Jim Bridger while this historical eclipse moment transpires over your head, then try your hand at throwing a tomahawk.

Bring back the sun. The Northern Arapaho tribe and Wind River Hotel & Casino will host an eclipse celebration that includes a reenactment to “bring back the sun.” The event will include singing, dance, and firing arrows at the moon to encourage it to move on.

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