The Trail Runner’s Gift Guide

Giving lumps of coal has always considered a form of punishment this time of year but if you give a trail runner dirt or rocks, they’d probably rejoice. But if you’d like to get them something that is easier to wrap, here are some ideas.

1. Justin’s Maple Almond Squeeze Packs 1.15oz, $1.25

With four ingredients that are all great on the run and for the run, almonds, maple sugar, palm fruit oil and sea salt, you don’t need to think twice about grabbing one or two of these as sustainable fuel out on the trail. 190 calories of goodness!

2. Health Warrior Chia Bars $1.50

If you want a pre-run snack that will keep on giving, the 100-calorie Chia Bar taps into the power fuel of the Aztecs and mixes the chia seeds with a wide variety of delicious ingredients for real flavor from fruits, nuts, coffee, and chocolate. And the seeds will keep emerging from your teeth during your run, mile after mile.

3. Craft Active Cross Country Mitten $40 193803_2999_Active_Mitten

You don’t need dexterity when you are running unless you need to fight off some wild animal. That’s where boxing gloves – which are actually boxing mittens, damn it – are better suited. Which is why Craft’s insulated mitts with a neoprene cuff to encapsulate your hand from snow and wind, are so effective.

4. Moving Comfort FineForm Bra $50

If your trail running woman is a little smaller up top, the FineForm and its unicup design that ever-so-stylishly molds around lovely lady lumps, is the perfect choice. A, B and maybe C (with other comparable Moving Comfort styles available for bigger sizes) will be sportfully fitted with this adjustable, state-of-the-art bra.

5. Hillshound Trail Crampon Ultra $70TCU04

Want to give a gift that bites? The Trail Crampon Ultra, with its 18 stainless steel teeth, will give your trail runner all the lightweight strap-on traction needed for the slickest of trails.

6. Suunto Ambit3 Sport $400

If you have a runner in your life who tends to lose time out on the trails and uses the excuse of getting lost, give them an Ambit3 and put a hard stop to that because the GPS and route functions will keep them right on track. And the watch will tell them the time. And, if they run with a smartphone, the Bluetooth connection will alert them to your calls or texts right on the watch screen.

7. Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Hydro 12 Set $185

Originally designed for Kilian Jornet, who needed a sleek pack to win the UTMB while carrying the mandatory gear and requisite fluids, the update is form fitting but with hydration flasks that slip into front pockets and shrink as you drain their contents.

8. TNF Ultra Equity $115

For those trail runners who like stability in the form of motion control when they are on the road – a.k.a. anti-over-pronation – the Ultra Equity does so in a manner that doesn’t noticeably interfere with your natural gait when running on softer surfaces. The lightweight hybrid shoe handles all surfaces with breathability, a rugged Vibram outsole, plenty of cushioning, especially in the rear of the shoe, given its 10mm offset.

9. Arc’Teryx Caliber Hoody $159Caliber-Hoody-Buckhorn

For a versatile top that is soft not only on the skin but also the eyes, the Caliber Hoody is nice enough to wear off the trail, in casual settings. The Polartec microfleece is plush and warm and the addition of zippered hand pockets makes the piece functional for many when carrying valuables.

10. FITS Pro Trail Performance Quarter Socks $18

True stocking stuffers, the merino wool Pro Trail Performance Quarter Socks hold your feet with a deep heel pocket and toe box that contours with the shape of your toes. Your gift recipient will thank you for such a thoughtful gift when they appreciate the plush cushioning built into the bottom and the lightweight vented uppers.

—Adam W. Chase