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03 Dec 12
holiday ski gear

The latest batch of skis are bigger, stronger and faster than anything that has been on the slope before. Big skis are now quick skis and that makes all the difference dealing with Colorado conditions.


1. Rossignol Experience 98

It’s funny when a 98-underfoot ski is your frontside board. But there’s no better choice for variable Colorado resort snow than this rockered beauty that holds an edge and stomps nasty stuff. Oh, and it skis pow just fine. $800;

2. Atomic Ritual

Meet our choice for the best all-around Colorado board. The Ritual may not be super fat but it’s magic in the untracked. But it turly shines in the day-to-day work load—it feels far more nimble in crud and hardpack than a 103 underfoot board should. Pair with the Tracker 16 AT binding. $879;

3. Nordica Helldorado

A true Renaissance board, the Helldorado, at 113 underfoot, can simply do it all. It floats. It slices. Dices. Busts crud. And, in the words of Nigel Tufnel, it looks like black leather, $800;

4. K2 Side Seth

Love rocker up front but not wild about it in the tail? The 118-underfoot Side Seth is the anti-mullet—floaty party in front and stiff business in the back. $800;

5. G3 Empire

Here’s that secret weapon for the deepest of days and cat-skiing trips. At 127mm underfoot, this monster features full reverse camber but it’s still stiff enough to hold an edge. $800;

6. Salomon Rockette

Ladies need a powder board, too. And the 115-underfoot Rockette—a big, rockered floatation device that will hold an edge on hardpack—doesn’t treat them like a girl. $650;


7. Nordica Firearrow F1

Finally someone designed a boot meant to ski the way you ride big boards. The Firearrow offers lateral articulation—the way your foot needs to move to control those big boards. $875;

8. Salomon Quest Max 120

Sure, it’s an AT boot but honestly you won’t feel any difference between your “alpine” boots and the Quest Max 120 when bombing in area. A V-cut inner shell makes for easy touring, however, but a magnesium backbone keeps it super-stiff downhill. $630;

9. Scarpa Maestrale

Scarpa pumped up the already popular Maestrale—crafting an AT boot that weighs just 3 pounds, seven ounces but is 20 percent stiffer than its predecessor and features a burly 120 flex. $699;


10. G3 Enzo R

G3 made a powerful move forward with this tour-able model that will keep you ahead of those trash-talking ATers. $225;

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