More Than The Hula Hoop

25 Apr 12
Festival Gear

1. Eureka Copper Canyon 12

This baby is perfect for the festival family. It’s important to have some space in there, since this will be your home for the next few days and this wide, six-pole cabin-style tent features a roomy center height of seven feet—big enough to host that kiddo dance party or even do your morning yoga in private. $450;

2. Outdoor Research Sequence Polo

If there is one thing that we hate about festivals, it’s got to be the stink. Especially our own. The driRelease wool in this comfy summer shirt is built to avoid the unpleasant odors of shaking around in a crowd all day by combining synthetic fibers with wool. $60;

3. Mountain Hardwear Megaflip

Sleeping bags are for backpacking. This nifty two-person sleeper is just what you need when you are car camping. Not only is it made for couples, it’s actually three sleeping bags in one—flip the 35-degree side up when it gets chilly at night or flip it to the 45-degree side for a nap and bring it to the festival grounds, since it also opens up into a blanket. $200: 

4. Klipsch S4i

During festival downtime you want to tune out and into your own private show. The noise reduction in these in-ear headphones makes it feel as if the show has moved into your head. And with that hangover maybe it has.  $100; 

5. Keen Springer Backseat

It’s a chair built into a backpack. Now, if that isn’t the one essential for festival goers, we don’t know what is. $100;  

6. Vapur Bottle

We love how easy it is to pack this soft bottle. Just roll it up and stuff it in your bag or even your pocket. That’s just the type of minimalism you need when you are running around the festival grounds. $12;

7. ENO Twilights

Festivals are not just about music—they are a place to express yourself, your inner child, your psychedelic rad alter ego… or something like that. These portable lights let you deck out your tent like Christmastime. And if nothing else, that makes your portable home easy to find when you are stumbling back at the end of the night. $20;

8. Crazy Creek Hex 2.0

There’s very little reason to turn your back on a classic. There’s very good reason to lean back into this, the original, minimalist portable chair (and you can still take it backpacking since it weights just 1 pound,  5 ounces). $52; 

9. Chaco Flippin Chill

It’s comfy. You can get it wet. You can slip out of it in a second. You can wear it into the coffee shop. You can even dance in it. And it’s got Earth friendly festival cred since its EcoTread outsole is made from 25 percent recycled rubber. $80;

10. Smith Vanguard

The right shades complete your festival persona. These babies are one part Tarrentino, one part James Franco, one part James Dean. Plus the lenses provide protection with anti glare polarization. $119;

Click here for a full list of Festivals where you can use this awesome gear!

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