Camping Chair: Strongback

16 Jul 12
Camping Chair: Strongback

To be the most comfortable person on your summer car camping adventures, get yourself a Strongback chair. Ergonomically designed to eliminate the slump factor from camp chairs, Strongback actually provides lumbar support to keep you comfortable no matter how long you need to sit there. And, as Ladd, the owner and designer of the Strongback chair claims, any camp chair other than a Strongback is probably causing long term damage to your spine the more you sit in them. Check out his informative video on the Strongback webpage linked below.

The lumbar support is built into the frame of the chair. Strongback has completely re-thought how to build the chair to provide this support. It still folds up to a long skinny package like most camp chairs and it comes with a nice carrying case that had two straps on it so you can carry it like a backpack if you have some ground to cover to your camp site.

There are two models. Basically, it’s a men’s and women’s but under the names Elite and Zen. The larger Elite is a comfortable 22” wide and supports people up to 300 pounds. The cup/can holder hangs off of the side because the framework gets in the way from integrating it into the armrest like most camp chairs. The Zen, which comes in light blue and pink, still holds 225 pounds but is a bit narrower and lighter and it has two cup holders built into the arm rests.

The only modification I’d like to see would include a bigger cup holder. The current size is great for a standard beer or soda can, but nothing bigger. I’m usually toting around a Nalgene size water bottle or my Klean Kanteen insulated bottle for hot drinks and neither of them fit in the cup holder.

Sitting is believing, as the website and video says, and I totally agree. There’s no reason to get any other kind of camp chair. Treat yourself right and be sure to put your name on it. Undoubtedly, it will become a hot commodity anywhere you set it up.

Strongback Chairs: $79.95 & $45.95 –

In the video below (2:06), Ladd gives me a first hand demonstration:

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  • The chair is very comfortable to set in BUT it is VERY CHEAPLY BUILT. For $79.95 it should be built better than a $19.95 bag chair but is not. Less then 9 months old & its broken. Good design bad chinese build quality.

    Terry   October 1, 2012, 6:22 pm

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