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06 Feb 13

I used to not like the idea of wearing a helmet while skiing. Even when dodging through the trees I liked the feel, and yes, the look of just wearing a stocking cap (probably one I picked up in Peru and was quite fond of). I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’s just with the process of getting older and finally it dawned on me that it was pretty stupid not to wear a helmet, especially when going through the trees. Kind of like that feeling when you notice you forgot to put your seatbelt on and that little voice says “the one time you don’t is when something will get ya.”

Fortunately, Nutcase makes it fun to wear a helmet with bright colors and clever designs. Most importantly these helmets have been through rigorous testing and are certified safe (ASTM F2040 rating if that means anything to you). I’ve also come to enjoy the extra warmth and comfort my Nutcase helmet provides. With a few different size liners, you’re able to adjust the helmet to be just the right fit. I’ve got mine dialed so I can wear it with or with out a skullcap depending on how cold it gets because I’m actually quite fond of skiing in the very cold when everyone else has been chased off the mountain.

Nutcase Helmets

Along with the great designs and strong rating, Nutcase has some neat technical features as well. First, the removable visor has been great on sunny and windy days alike. It seems a little doggy the way the visor attaches, but after some thorough testing with rough landings and grinding my helmet across the snow, the visor stayed put (I can’t believe I’m admitting this, ugh). Also, the magnetic chin clasp works great. It took some practice to know how to hold both sides just right while wearing gloves to get it to click in place but once understood getting the helmet on and off is literally a snap.

Granted, it’s not the lightest helmet on the market, so it’s probably not for you if you’re trying to shave every ounce for backcountry outings. I do a lot of inbounds and backcountry skiing and have never said “I wish my helmet was lighter”. I’m just really glad to have it along while whipping through the trees or ripping the groomers.

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