Good News, Freaks: Another Wicked Winter on the Way(?)

04 Aug 11
Good News, Freaks: Another Wicked Winter on the Way(?)
Plenty of good days like this year. How 'bout this coming winter?

Plenty of good days like this last year. How ’bout this coming winter?

So my friends over at the CAIC posted an interesting link to a site called The latest forecast from the organization says this coming winter may be just as “severe” (read: epic) as last. Right on!


Not so fast. First off it says the organization is made up of Euros and Brits, as well as Americans. I smell an Islamist Socialist Plot here, folks. These pesky Euros can’t be trusted to predict weather, provide healthcare, or contribute to our latest NATO foreign-policy adventure! Pinkos! They’re probably just trying to spook us into buying their inventory of day-glo Bogner one-pieces.

I visited the site a bit and upon a bit more sniffing, seems to be funded by a business providing snow and ice mitigation/removal. Perhaps it’s some sort of industry front, trying to cajole Bloomburg and the town of Jackson into buying a fleet of turbocharged monster-plows?

CAIC — do tell: industry front or reputable site?

Me? I don’t have the time to investigate these things! I’m too busy trying to redpoint 5.9+ in Eldo and changing the boys’ diapers. Dammit.

Well, if the (Islamo-Fascist Pinko-Euro) team at Exacta are right, we’re in for another cold, high-precip winter. Something about an extended La Nina pattern for the foreseeable future. One of their Brits (he had OK-looking teeth, too; maybe an imposter?) nailed last winter’s forecast in the UK, so he’s garnered some notoriety.

Bottom line, let’s just hope they’re right and not worry too much about them being a front to sell snowplows or has-been outfits. Click through HERE poke around; see what you think.

In the meantime, Ethan, Lazar, and the gang — is thing legit, or what?

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