Colorado’s Top 10 Summit Hikes

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains contain a wide diversity of sub-ranges that offer markedly different hiking experiences. Each geologically unique set of peaks has been formed by nature’s most potent forces: volcanic eruptions, tectonic shifts, wind, ice and water. From the rounded-off summits of the Sawatch Range to the jagged spires of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, each mountain range carries with it a distinct ambiance and each peak requires its own set of challenges to reach the top. Elevation Outdoors is proud to present a sampler of some of the very best non-technical hikes and scrambles that showcase the best of Colorado’s mountain melange. See you at the top.




The Future of Our Trails

As mountain biking becomes even more popular, there is concern over trail preservation and who should access what trails. However, with more educated trail building and cooperation between the hiking and biking community we can work together to preserve what we love most.